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Posted By: GUEST,Russ
13-Feb-03 - 10:01 AM
Thread Name: Tech: microsoft Word
Subject: RE: Tech: microsoft Word

I've Done PC application support for years.
Here's how I would deal with your problem.

In my experience "Revert" ALWAYS means that the document is already open.
The simplest way to see every open document is
Window / Arrange All
From there start maximizing windows and closing documents.

But that's for next time.
For now,

Tools / Macro / Macros / Macros in:
Make a note of the files listed
You will see ""
You will see the name of the currently opened doc(s)
You might see others
Close the box without doing anything except making a note of all the files/docs in the list.

Find all the files you noted and rename them. New name is irrelevant.
e.g. "" becomes ""

If the problem persists

Reinstall Word.
Brutal but effective.
My motto: "Quick, Elegant, Choose One."