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Posted By: JohnInKansas
12-Feb-03 - 11:44 AM
Thread Name: Tech: microsoft Word
Subject: RE: Tech: microsoft Word
John H:

That message simply means (usually) that the document is already open.

In Word 2K, especially on WinXP, the icons that show open documents are "merged" at the bottom of the screen if you get too many things open, and it sometimes gets pretty tough to tell what you have open. If you click on the icon in the toolbar, it opens a scroll listing the things that are open, but if you have quite a few things up, it can still be confusing.

You have the document open. You try to open a second copy. Word is simply asking if you really want the old one from the disk, or if you'd rather continue with the one that's already open. Especially if you've done a few cut-and-paste tasks, the one on the disk quite likely is obsolete and you can lose recent work if you "revert back" to the copy that's been fully saved.

As to why it will only open one document at a time, I can only surmise that it probably isn't directly related to the "double open," but more likely, she runs out of memory at about the same time that she forgets what she has open?????

Because of the massive amounts of stuff that newer versions of Windows tries to save - for your own good, of course, it is quite easy to fill all available RAM, and often all available TEMP space, at which point almost any Win program cuts back to what it can handle in the remaining space.

It takes 20 or 30 MB of RAM just to open Word, and an additional 10 to whatever (document size plus some) for each document, so if you have more than a few open you are simply choking the memory resources.

Most Windows programs will also not clear temp files from the hard drive until the application is closed. Closing the document doesn't clear the temp space, and no matter how large your hard drive, only a "fixed" percentage of it can be used for temps. (You can change that, but don't really need to in most cases.)

It is a good idea, especially if working with many files and large clipboard operations, to periodically close Word and reopen after you've flexed your carpals. If you do run into problems with temp files not clearing, use Start - Programs - Accessories - System Tools - Disk Cleanup, to get everything "clean and shiny."