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Posted By: John Hardly
12-Feb-03 - 08:19 AM
Thread Name: Tech: microsoft Word
Subject: Tech: microsoft Word
Any of you work regularly with Word?

I'm having a problem with it. Do you know what gets the program into a cycle where it will only open one document at a time?

My wife has been working on a number of letters in the past few days. To save time she of course copies and pastes large sections of letters.

It has never happened to me, but for some reason it always happens to her -- when she tries to open up the document to paste to she gets a window/prompt that asks "would you like to REVERT back to ______".

From that point on it is impossible to open two Word documents at the same time.

This happened to her last year and we couldn't solve it. It seems that just through enough times of turning the computer off and on the defaults finally went back to operating properly again.

I've tried to shut the computer down already, to no avail.

She lost two pages of a letter this morning in this mess and is reluctant to start working again until I can figure out what's eating her words!

Any help would be greatly appreciated!