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Posted By: McGrath of Harlow
11-Feb-03 - 10:28 AM
Thread Name: Sign a E Petition to 10 Downing St PELs
Subject: RE: Sign a E Petition to 10 Downing St PELs
Thanks for doing that Shambles. That interviewer did quite a good job. In black and white, I'd read it as sounding very much as if a concession on sessions in pubs could actually be on the way.

Which means it's time to keep sending in nagging letters and getting people to sign petitions and so forth. For one thing they could well back off from accepting the right kind of amendment - and there are other things wrong with the bill as well, especially the risk to pub gigs generally. And of course Morris Dancers and such.

Nice letter in the Guardian today commenting on the one by Attila the Stockbroker ( a former Harlow man) the other day:

What a pity Attila the Stockbroker (Letters, February 8) sneers at his allies while attacking the licensing bill. Why dismiss the anger of traditional musicians and dancers as "whining"? Does he imagine he's the only one planning more than just petitions? He might one day be glad of friends with big sticks.
JE Howard

And here is what Atila had written:

No idea what my wife has sent to you, but can I take the opportunity to add my own favourite Half Man Half Biscuit lyric: When I had my loft converted back into a loft, the neighbours came around and scoffed and called me retro.

I've organised about five gigs for them, but now New Labour has managed to come up with yet another piece of legislation which even the most rightwing Tory would be proud of. They want all live music to be subject to a licence - a direct attack on dissident grassroots culture and confirmation that in the ideal New Labour world everyone is a TV-gawking passive consumer vegetable devoid of an original or independent thought.

Widescreen TV transmissions in pubs to hundreds won't be affected though, 'cos that would upset New Labour's friend, Rupert. Unbelievable! I can only make an appropriate response:

(for Kim Howells)
Rupert Murdoch, that's your "culture"
Tellytubby corporate state
Widescreen god won't need a licence -
He got you elected, mate!
Thousand Morris dancers whining
With petitions so polite
Some of us aren't whingeing folkies
And you've got yourself a fight!
Sky TV New Labour Tory
Mainstream dullard business bores
So come on, arrest Attila -
Cos I'll flout your stupid laws!
Poems and songs don't need a licence.
Never have and never will.
I'm here in your face, Kim Howells -
Tearing up your licence bill!

Attila the Stockbroker
Southwick, W Sussex