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Posted By: The Shambles
09-Feb-03 - 09:40 AM
Thread Name: PEL's: News Blackout!
Subject: RE: PEL's: News Blackout!
This from David Mills on the EFDSS list, on Tessa Jowell.

Have just listened to the lady on Radio Three (now 12 -35)

She had a gentle go at the MU but said that "We're absolutely determined that this promotes music.. um.. live music in pubs and other.. you know..restaurants, know.. the whole /range/ of places um in which music now takes place; that this will not limit it". She is prepared to look at very carefully at all the fine print to make sure that "it's made easier not more difficult".

She then reiterated the line{s}about beaurocracy and cost and ease of

Next came the classic piece denying the idea that she and Howells got into the office one day and decided that that days task was to shut down music in pubs and clubs...I paraphrase!

The interviewer made tha point that "muisc is such a fluid, casual activity that you're legislating against it in effect"

Tessa Jowell replied to this by saying that she doesn't want to see the situation where six people are sitting around in a pub (with or without a guitar) and start singing together and are stopped because there isn't a licence. "That would be patently ridiculous"...The lady's own words.....

"It's wonderful when music is made in that kind of spontaneous way."

She is going to "make absolutely sure (as is Kim Howells) that the
legislation supports, rather than undermines, live music in pubs"

There was some blurb about the scrutiny of the Bill, parliamentary process and ammendments that will improve the Bill.

She was left with the last word:
"Everybody should be absolutely clear that our objective is to ensure that live music in pubs flourishes"

David Mills

PS The announcer then pointed the audience to the discuusion on the BBC Radio Three website. Trouble is I keep forgetting my login name and password;-)