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30-Jan-03 - 06:32 PM
Thread Name: Mudcat CD Rose: Liner Notes PermaThread
Subject: Mudcat CD Rose: Engine 33 - InObu (Sorcha Dorcha)
Awe, go on then, just one more. :o)

9.  Engine 33  (The Firefighters of September 11th, 2001)  (Words: Lorcay Otway © 2001; Tune: "Bold Robert Emmett" - trad.?) -   -5:16
InObu (Lorcan Otway), with "Sorcha Dorcha"

"I wrote this about a week after Sept. 11.  A fiddler (Artie) & I went over to the firehouse to play a few tunes to lighten up the evening, as the fellows were sitting in an empty firehouse, both trucks being damaged when the towers fell, killing a quarter of their comrades.  In the time since then, I have kept up with the men and women of this company, & watched how they continue to serve in spite of the pain, in a way that is epic & heroic.  So, this song is about this company, Engine 33, Ladder 9, but also about fire fighters every where who are a special kind of people.  I hope no one on this planet ever takes them for granted." - Larry (InObu)

Flashing lights & no sirens, all emergencies over,  /  The motorcade passes, with the heroes who fell,
And all on the streets stop, & in silence bear witness.  /  Such sorrow and thanks no mere words can tell

Who e'er can forget those grey ash-covered engines  /  Coming back from the alarm like no other before?
Such pain for survivors, to embrace all the families  /  Of comrades so loved, now on that distant shore!

Chief Downey, Father Mike, First Deputy Feehan,  /  Peter Ganci & many, too many to tell,
Your memories we'll honor, we ne'er will forget you.  /  You brought hope to the horror when the two towers fell.

Remember Tim Stackpole, how he prayed in the wreckage  /  In that terrible fire that took two of his friends.
So horribly injured, he fought to recover,  /  To return to his ladder & to die with his men.

So, now to acknowledge just one of the many  -- Engine 33, Ladder Company 9.
There's ten empty places to set 'round their table,  /  Ten fallen brothers who fell on the line.

Remember Ken Pfeifer(sp?), Mike Boyle & Keith Maynard,  /  Jeff Walz, Brian Bilcher, Robert King, Dave Arce,
Gerard Baptiste, Robert Evans, John Tierney -- /   10 lost out of 40 in one company.

And though we mourn them, they're still on the job now.   /  Though they have fallen, they're still standing tall.
Their spirit will bolster their sisters & brothers.  /  Their presence unseen (?) will still answer each call.

So tell all your children to tell all their children,  /  "Never pass a firehouse without a brief pause,
And thank all the heroes who work on those engines.  Each day they risk all in humanity's cause."

(Repeat first verse.)