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Posted By: IanC
28-Jan-03 - 10:56 AM
Thread Name: Sign a E Petition to 10 Downing St PELs
Subject: RE: Sign a E Petition to 10 Downing St PELs
More enumeration ...

There is still no clear sign of a decline, with the number of signatures per day varying between about 1,400 and 2,000 (except at weekends)... Today was 1,602 on my system (this is lower than any day last week, so there may be the first signs of a drop in the rate).

The latest week-to-week figure (Tuesday to Tuesday) is 10,740. Still over 10,000.

On the "worst case" assumption that the signatures declined linearly at 200 a day from now on, then we could expect about 65,000 signatures by the end of the week after next. This would probably allow us to confidently predict a minimum of coming up for 70,000 (unless there is a sudden and rapid decline).

Since there is no sign of a significant decline at present, we can also predict (speculate) that if there was no further decline in the signature rate over the next 2 weeks we would be looking at around 80,000 to 85,000 by that time.

The number currently stands at 58,333.