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Posted By: bradfordian
26-Jan-03 - 04:15 PM
Thread Name: Mudcat CD Orchid: Liner Notes PermaThread
Subject: Mudcat CD Orchid: Sing With The Angels - Rick F.
17.   SING WITH THE ANGELS (Rick Fielding  © ???? )   2.59
Rick Fielding - vocals, guitar -
From the album "This One's The Dreamer" -

    I'm gonna sing with the angels when my time comes around.
    This earth is just rehearsal for when I'm heaven bound,
    And I'll be well prepared to take my place with harmony and rhyme
    And sing with the angels when it's time.

Now some will bring their wisdom, some a weary soul.
A foolish few will try to find salvation with their gold.
Some will beg forgiveness for all that they've done wrong.
Only thing that I know I'll bring is a lifetime's worth of song.


I've sung my songs in churches, bar rooms and in jails.
Some rode the super highways and others merely trails,
And when it's finally over, I'll be there to take my place
With a new life on a new road, an eternal state of praise.


(I tried doing the tabs for the chorus but it don't wanna go. Another lil job for you Genie, & the hyper links, & ....)<

Regards Brad

No problem, Brad.  -- Thanks a bunch!