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Posted By: Willie-O
23-Jan-03 - 04:14 PM
Thread Name: Mudcat CD Rose: Liner Notes PermaThread
Subject: Mudcat CD Rose: Spring On The Mississippi -Bill C.
18.  Spring On The Mississippi  -  Lyrics & music by Bill Cameron ©1994
Bill Cameron (  - vocal, guitar;  Richard Bova - Dobro:
MP3 or CD ("Always Time For Anachronism")  available from:

I live near the Mississippi River in Eastern Ontario, a tributary of the Ottawa River.  Used to have a barky dog.  Now I have another even more barky dog. In the cold depths of winter you wonder why the hell you're here, but in mid-March the sap runs and everyone wakes up and gets busy making maple syrup and generally things get happy.  I start looking for a chance to put a canoe or kayak in the water, and long ago discovered that you can go paddling in the Mississippi River directly downstream from where the brave and foolhardy are still ice-fishing on Dalhousie Lake.  But you want to pull out well above Sheridan's Rapids.   - Bill C.

 My key: D

 I think I hear that damn dog barking.
 Sounds so near to be out of sight.
 Over the creek, and across the valley
 He was howling half of last night.

 I used to live in a big old city.
 It had its charms, but the times got tight.
 Now I live near the Mississippi,
 Where I don't mind a little noise at night.

 Cause spring on the Mississippi seems to come a little bit sooner here
 The ice on the lakes is softening up but the Mississippi River runs clear
 Down to Sheridan's Rapids, now that spring is here.

 Now I've heard there's another Mississippi
 Flows to a town called New Orleans.
 The people there throw a hell of a party
 Late in the winter when the weather up here is mean.

 One of these days I'm gonna see that city,
 Learn a Cajun waltz called the "Jolie Blon',"
 But when the weather turns warm, and the sap is running,
 You'll find me back in my northern home.

 Cause spring on the Mississippi... .