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20-Jan-03 - 02:03 PM
Thread Name: Mudcat CD Orchid: Liner Notes PermaThread
Subject: Mudcat CD Orchid: Why We Sing - Jeri
10.  Why We Sing  (Composed and sung by Jeri Corlew © 2001 )

 "Inspiration: Big Mick and the Why We Sing threads." - Jeri
"I had always wanted to write a song based on my thoughts about the things I have seen, and the struggles that we all wrestle with. But I never could, and once my dear friend Jeri wrote this, I knew that I didn't have to.  The minute I heard her sing it, I knew that the thoughts had found their voice, as well.  You would do well to read the thread that Jeri linked to so you can see the inspiration.  And hearing her sing that one song will justify the cost of the CD.  I don't know if I ever told you this, Jeri, but I am so proud to have had a little part of your writing this wonderful bit of imagery.  Thanks." - Mick

 Despair is in our cities and the squalor in the street,
 Where the grandest dream a soul can have is to find enough to eat,
 And most of us just walk on past and do not meet their eyes,
 For a soul just like ours looking back, we'd be hurt to recognise.

 There are stories in the city, there are stories everywhere,
 And children suffer horrors from a world that doesn't care,
 And you'd think their hope would waste away--for who could stand the pain?--
 And you'd think they're just like all the rest, and you'd better think again.

 For there are souls behind those wisened eyes that have seen the worst of man,
 And something keeps them going on and giving what they can.
 Each phoenix spirit waits for passion's fire to give it wing,
 To find a reason to rise up, and it's why we sing.

 When we sing, a spark within us wakes and is fanned into a flame.
 To those who hear our spirit's voice, it calls in them the same,
 And soon that light within us grows and wells up like a spring,
 And it fills the barren emptiness, and it's why we sing.

 Though our hearts, they may be jaded, we still listen for that call.
 When we find a spark in one soul, we can see it in them all,
 And whether it's a greater power or a simple human thing,
 It calls out to the best in us and it's why we sing.