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Posted By: Tweed
19-Jan-03 - 11:00 PM
Thread Name: Mudcat CD's on WFDU
Subject: RE: Mudcat CD's on WFDU
Dere Mr.Olaskew,
Pay no attention to that fool Royal madman's ramblings az I finally got to heer Kendall sing an' that made me reel happy inside. I ain't one for sea shantys but if they all sing az good az Kendall can, I guess shanty music is alright by me.

The boys and me wuz purdy tore up for a while from not gettin' to heer arselfs on the radio, but az some wizend person sed, "Necessity iz the mother of all evil" or sumthin close on to that, and we are gonna see about switching ar new antenaae over soze it kin Broadcast instead of jest recieve. This way we kin send out Khandu/Boberzd/Tweedathon music 24 hours a day. Yore inspiration haz changed ar lives forever and we thank you mightily fer it and feer not az we'll only trouble yew in the future for some polaroids of th wirin' at yore transmitter so we kin get an idee of how that works afore we dive in this thing willy nilly.

Yerz faithfuly,