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Posted By: khandu
19-Jan-03 - 10:40 PM
Thread Name: Mudcat CD's on WFDU
Subject: RE: Mudcat CD's on WFDU
It's been a long evening. I have spent the last several hours trying to talk ole Tweedster down from the top of the Tower. After hearing the webcast, he climb up there screamin' "I doan wann live enymoar", (but I noticed he stopped a few minutes on the first section to see if Retha May was taking another shower!)

We tried bribery, blackmail and deceit, but that didn't have much effect. It was only after ole Bobert told him that Ron Otasco played "Mudcat Wimmin" after the program went of the air that he finally calmed down. But he still refused to come down, until I used my Kingly authority and commanded him to come down.

Bobert and P-Vine are with him now, talking smooth and sweet to him and slipping him a few mickeys.

I think he will be Okay by tomorrow.

If he has anymore fits, we are going to ship him to Amos!