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Posted By: Bobert
17-Jan-03 - 01:53 PM
Thread Name: Mudcat CD's on WFDU
Subject: RE: Mudcat CD's on WFDU
Now, din't that feel good, Ron? Come on and give it up, brotha. Dat felt good and you know et! Welcomez to der gang an' yer memmershep kard ez in der mail.

Yo, Tweezer, me an der Rufe went down to der Sweet Springs fir a six pak of Iron City an' when we got back, der royel heiney hisseff was gone but I amember passin der Jeffisin Countee Chariffz car on der way in der driveway....

Nver you mindz, we gotta dis atenner up fir der big shoow in Sunderday by 5:00 Easter Time in der pm. Ahhh, whadz pm stan fir, Tweezer? Is dat like diet pms ir pms Lite? Ef so, why would no womanz want to do pms whend day could jus do pm? Answer me dat one, will ya!

'Zactly whad is WFDU an' is Johnny Asscroff gonna sing dat rousing version a "Onwhard Christan Soldeerz"?

Now everybody bee shure ti lizzen, ya hear..