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Posted By: Tweed
15-Jan-03 - 10:50 PM
Thread Name: Mudcat CD's on WFDU
Subject: RE: Mudcat CD's on WFDU
Deer Mr.Olesku,
After sum thout and considerable mental abuse I've come to the reelzation thet I may hab finally crost the bownds of good taste in makin' these obfused overchurs on me an my cohords' behalves. I kno now thet to try and tempt you wif these psaltry and meeger payoffs I hav only sallied the movement and beg yore forgibness. I hav ben in contak wif both of my idjit frends and they concur an agree it mite be bes for us to ease up wif this high preshurr approach to self agrandmiserment and just go with the flow wherever that may take us.

No need to worry about the fellers from Noo Jersey showin'thar faces either az I have contacted them boys and called the whole thing off. They iz agreed to leave off from phoning pore Amos and will stay clear of yore station, but seemed perdy positiv thet now I owed them a favor of sum sort. I don't know how they come up wif that ideer but mebbe customs up that way iz different than in these parts. We'll see how thet develops later on, I'm shore.

We would like to wish you grate sucess fer the show on the 19th ob the monph coming up and we assure you thet we will be lissenin to you over the wireless down at Rufus' doublewide on the big nite.
Of corse Wildcat Holler iz too dang far away fer normal reception but we got together and have devized a plan to build a radio tower of considerable hite from 3/32" diameter balsa wood strips. Me an Boberdz ar mixin' the concreke now fer the footers and King Khandu of corse is jest standin' there as iz his wont, givin' orders to all who hav ears to hear. He iz a king after all, I reckon, he sez anyhow, but I sumtimes wonder about thet clame. Personaly I think ef he were enny sort of royalty at all he'd tak hiz lazy bohonkuss down to one of the local distilleries and brang back sum refrashment.   

Ennywaz, we will be tuned to 89.1 on Januwery 19 to WFDU and hope thet thez other Catters will be tuned in thar too. You are all invited down to the doublewide ef you need to plug into the tower when its done. I cain't wait get the airplane warnin' lites wired up an' wirkin. Hit shud be a perdy thang to behold.