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Posted By: Bobert
15-Jan-03 - 02:26 PM
Thread Name: Mudcat CD's on WFDU
Subject: RE: Mudcat CD's on WFDU
Well, danged, Tweezer! Now look what you've gone an' did? First of all, ya' stix a pichure of the Tweedsburg WMD in der barrel and now yer gonna get ol' Rufus and Rether Mayz butts blowed half way up! Well, tell der Bushman hez gonna need one dem extree strneth bombs fir der Rether Mayz. And 'tween you an' me, I thinkz der ol' gal be closer ta 5 hundurt pondz den the 450 on her drivin' paperz.

An secon, ya' got poor ol' khanny with his tummee all twistercated from wahdever yo said 'bout hem er din't say 'bout hem 'an Iz feelz jus terrible about dat since khanny ain't haff bad feller an' all.

An thirdlee, I thought we'z was gonna play at haff tiem at der Stupor Bow and Iz din't get no contrax en der mail or no tickex or nuthin'.

An forthlee, I don evin want mah song on no raydeeo 'cause it din't come out no good on der CeeDee...

An' fiftilee, I ain't cookin' up no homegrowed possum fir deese folks 'cause, well, I'z down to two an' der P-Vine says dat it takes two to make mo possums and well the ol' gal purdy danged smart 'bout them farmy typz thengs... Plus, deese two is like famblee. Day eat wid the catz and so I callz one of dem Kibbles and der udder one Bits likez on der cat foood bag and well, I guess youz gonna find out anyway, well... wez been lettin' sleepz in der bed wid us since day got potty traned and all. But, now sinz you done promixed these fine fokz possum Iz been keepin' my good eye out fir 'em on the der side of der road but all I'z got right now in der freezer is a skunk, two groun hogs and a kioteee dat some 'en runned over...

An' lasslee, Tweezer. I tought we had a deal 'bout not doin' no more permotins 'til ol' Rufus had gotten over dat little little bout of boilz dat gotz on der boy. Man, dem things ooooze did yellerish green goo all day and all nitez. Nastee. An I keep tellin' der boy dat don't do no good lickin' 'em... No good...

Well, dats et from Possum Holler, Wse Ginny.