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Posted By: Nemesis
15-Jan-03 - 01:06 PM
Thread Name: PEL: DEMO 27 JANUARY 2003
Subject: RE: PEL: DEMO 27 JANUARY 2003
hooraY! Back on line after nearly a week!!

Placards - um, banners say what?
New Tory Traitor - Minister for Anti-Culture Kim Howells (where'd the Eisteddfod go then, boyo?)

100-500 (life time premises)for the Brownies to have a concert - more if they want to drink alcohol!

Amend the License Bill now!
(Your club/bands name)
Morris Men should do it with big sticks!

Fine Carol singers 20,000 to go away!

Hamish is getting back to me after his meeting with Caroline and the Police

meanwhile .
The nub of the Musicians' Union objection to the Bill is that the government
is abolishing a number of significant exemptions from the current licensing
requirements (public concerts in churches, two musicians in liquor licensed
premises, clubs etc), but without providing any evidence that extending
licensing control is in any way necessary. It is, however, retaining the
exemption for the provision of broadcast entertainment (i.e. widescreen
satellite/terrestrial tv), but criminalising the provision of even solo
unamplified musicians unless licensed. The maximum penalty for unlicensed
performance is a 20,000 fine and six months in prison. A pub can be packed
with noisy football supporters watching a major fixture on widescreen tv and
that is exempt. Also any music broadcast into the premises (or indeed 'any
place') is exempt, no matter how powerful the amplification used, provided
the recorded music is not for dancing or any other licensable entertainment.
In other words, if it accompanies drinking, eating, shopping etc, it is
exempt. In spite of this, the government has the cheek to say it must
licence all musicians 'because one musician with modern amplification can
make more noise than three without.' Over 80% of noise complaints associated
with pubs and clubs is nothing to do with music at all, but is caused by
noisy people coming and going.

I thinkwe need to pick out the aaLIENT POINTS WE WANT AMENDED A .. sorry new keyboarxd ..

- England & WAles 190 pages - the Scots say "Just do it!"

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