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Posted By: Tweed
15-Jan-03 - 11:45 AM
Thread Name: Mudcat CD's on WFDU
Subject: RE: Mudcat CD's on WFDU
Dere Mr.Olesko,
It aperes thet some feelings haz been trampled upon and I wuld like fer you to pleze add the King of Missississi to tha 24 hour airplya in cwestyun. He iz mos adept also at hiz singin an plyain an woud be a perdy good addition to yore show inspite of hiz inbred propensity to whine and kick his feet when he don get hiz way.

Of corse this fly in th udder balm woud not go unrewarded and we hav contacted them fellers from New Jersey who hav assured us they can convince Amos to do all 50 state flower CD's for you an not to worry about no grants or enny of that paperwork nonsense. They sed that after a cupple phone calls Amos wud be callin' beggin' fer the additional work. Also they sed it would be no problem to have sum of thar buddies stand around yore station's door in case sum folks try to storm the place. They are reel nice guys and seemed anshus to do you this "favor" fer some reason.

I reckon we'll need to change the telethon name to sumthin to reflek the new member or pore khenneth will raize holy hell about that too. What with him bein' royalty an all I assumed he had other meanz of promotin hizzelf but I see now that hiz deals must have fallen throuh after his cousin/uncle/brother-in-law/niece stepped down from bein' king of senators. I will leave the renaming of this gala event in Khandu's capable hans az he is good at that sort of thing and will have to abide wif whatever he chooses and it will spare us enny more of his danged hissy fits.

I am finding out how difficult theze creative people iz to deal wif and commend you on stayin with the biz this long.