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Posted By: khandu
15-Jan-03 - 09:39 AM
Thread Name: Mudcat CD's on WFDU
Subject: RE: Mudcat CD's on WFDU
Ever since I was a young boy, I have tooted the horn for Badly Recorded Blues. Fo rmany a year, I have been the lone voice that spoke out to the multitudes of the wonders of Tweed's BRB. I have suffered indignity and dishonor at the hands of thos who had no musical taste, who laughed in my faceat my mention of Tweeds BRB.

My land was taken from me, my house, my car, my kids, my wife...all gone. My face was put up on billboards with large letters written across it-THIS MAN IS A NUT!. The Governor of Mississippi derided me in his annual State of the State message.

But I remained firm in my message, adamant in my stance. I did not falter, I did not fail. I continued to tout Tweed's BRB.

To this day, I have remained a lonely voice crying in the wilderness "Hear, oh people, Hear the Badly Recorded Blues of Tweed!"

Now, I read Tweed's bribery above. I am bereft, undone.

He did not mention that I, khandu, was also on Plum, nor did he include my name in the bribery.

Yet, I will continue my mission. I remain faithful and loyal. I will tell everyone about the low-down dirty dogfaced self-serving swine-snouted, back-stabbing, egg-sucking, riff-theiving weasel Tweed and his BADLY RECORDED BLUES.