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Posted By: Ron Olesko
14-Jan-03 - 04:55 PM
Thread Name: Washington Square Memories
Subject: RE: Washington Square Memories
It's also great to see how many people are still part of "the scene".   I was a wee lad when the folk scare hit and most of my memories are second hand.   It is nice to see that folk music wasn't a fad and many of the names mentioned in this thread are still participating in folk music - either as performers, promoters or fans.    Steve-o mentioned Bill Vanaver who has a new CD coming out.   Erik Darling recorded a wonderful CD about two years ago. I had a lovely conversation with Mark Spoelstra who just released a CD.   I saw Roger Sprung at a party last year and he still sounds amazing. And of course there are all of the Mudcatters whose names are mentioned in this thread and continue to spread the music.

I would just like to say "thanks". While I might not be sitting in Washington Square Park on Sunday afternoons, Bill Hahn and I are busy spinning songs on the radio.   We wouldn't be there if it weren't for all of you.   Thanks for starting something and even more importantly, for carrying the tradition along to the rest of us.