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Posted By: Tweed
14-Jan-03 - 10:14 AM
Thread Name: Mudcat CD's on WFDU
Subject: RE: Mudcat CD's on WFDU
Dere Mr.Olesko,
Me an' the Bobert iz on thet Plum cd an' don't keer much ef you play ar stuff on the Sunday show, but we hav put ar minds togevver an' come up wif an ideer thet may bee of sum interess to you. We ar prepeared to offur you an' yore fambly a all ekspensed paid vacashon an' toor package in beautimus Wildcat Holler, WestVirginia. You will be wined an' dined by yore hosts Rufus and his 450 pound wife at thar comodious guest trailer an' enjoy watchin' thar cable TV and hav full acksess to any of the four Nintendo game paks. Also included wud be a tour of the menny local distillerys an lively converstashun wif the operators there.
What's the catch you may axe? All this AND $25 dollarz mad munny for just one 24 hour Bobert/Tweedzer-a-thon, wherin all thet WFDU playz fer a day an'nite is me and Boberdz mos' peculiar musick. I think this sorta thing wirked perty good some yearz back but them DJ's wuz careless an' let the cat outta the bag somehow an' got therselfs caught. Pleze use the PM sistum to make yore reply (az I am doin'here...don't want nobobby's to git wind of this scheme az it cud go hard on us ef the pedant's in har new what we hav cooked up.)

Yerz truly,
Tweedzr and Boberdz

PS. Remember use thet PM thang. Mum's the word!

PPSS.Here's whar you'll be enjoying yore stay. I know, I's an offer you cain't hardly refuse;~) *Deluxe Accomodations*