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Posted By: kytrad (Jean Ritchie)
13-Jan-03 - 03:13 PM
Thread Name: Washington Square Memories
Subject: RE: Washington Square Memories
Yes, I neglected to say that one of the best hangouts for us folkies was Izzy Young's Folklore Center, a few doors down from Alan Block's sandal shop. We'd gather there spontaneously of an evening to sing and play, gossip, and occasionally buy a book or record- Izzy was a wonderful host. That all started on the very night of the opening of Izzy's place...I have color shots! Let's see, there was Happy Traum, Cynthia Gooding, Carolyn Hester, Molly Scott, Jerry Silverman,us (Jean & George), and one or two others I'll think of after awhile. Wasn't that a time!

If you're ever in Sweden, that's where Izzy's place is now. The address I have is Folklore Centrum, Wollmar YXKullsgat, AN 2 11850, Stockholm,Sweden. He may have moved from there by now...

Art, I do wish there was an online picture gallery. Anyway, one of those shots is in the background just before Disc Two, in Washington Memoires.