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Posted By: clansfolk
11-Jan-03 - 07:01 AM
Thread Name: PEL UK - Unemployed Artist Dancer - look
Subject: RE: PEL UK - Unemployed Artist Dancer - look
The rumour more than likely came from "The house" as most MPs don't (or can't be bothered to) understand the propsals....... and speak from their seats!

from the MU...................... see BOLD

The Bill does capture private performance where performers charge for their performance, or private performance by amateurs for charity or fundraising purposes, or for profit.

Last November, the lawyer advising the Arts Council provided them with an opinion to the effect that corporate hospitality events were captured by the Bill. This contradicts the government's statement in the Explanatory Notes that such events were not covered.

Music shops would be caught where musician/endorsees make public appearances to demonstrate musical instruments.

Church choir performances are licensable, unless their performance is part of a religious meeting or service.

School plays are licensable if they are 'to any extent' public, or if private, if raising money for charity, or if any charge is made by any person concerned in the organisation or management of the play, and that charge is paid on behalf of some of or all those being entertained.

The Bill contains no exemption for, or definition of, 'ad hoc' or 'spontaneous' performances: as worded, the Bill renders licensable any vocal music or instrumental music, or any combination of the two, performed in public with at least some intention to entertain.

The Bill contains an exemption for recorded music (provided it is incidental to other activities - like drinking alcohol - that are not licensable entertainments or facilities). Pub jukeboxes are therefore exempt, no matter how powerful the amplification, unless they were provided in conjunction with a dance floor.