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Posted By: Genie
10-Jan-03 - 11:21 PM
Thread Name: Washington Square Memories
Subject: RE: Washington Square Memories
Amos, in 1962 and 1963, I spent summers in Greenwich Village.  I performed at Gerde's Folk City once at a "hootenanny" (i.e., an open mike), and once at a place on Bleeker St. (IIRC) called "The Dugout."  Jerry,  "The Fat Black Pussycat" coffeehouse was tucked away on a mid-block back street called "Minetta Lane" (where I lived in a 4th-floor walk-up walk-in closet  apartment in 1963); I don't think they had music then, but it was a great place to hang out and play chess and read and get away from the tourists (who couldn't find it).    The bigger names, of course, played at The Bitter End and The Village Gate, etc.  But those of us who didn't know a lot more than 3 chords (6 if you count relative minors) usually hung out at the fountain in Washington Square (or, in my case, at the Judson Student House at 4th and Thompson, where I lived in 1962) or tried to hit the hootenannies at Folk City.  There was also a place in the East Village where Theodore Bikel used to play, but I can't think of its name right now.  The cafe Wha? was about 3 blocks from the Judson Student House, and the Cafe Bizarre (featuring Brother Theodore) was 1 block away.  Ernie's Club (of "Catcher In The Rye" fame) was a stone's throw from my bedroom window in '62, and I would be 'lulled to sleep' by bump and gring music.

And, ah, yes!  the automat!  (I earned $55 a week that summer of 1962, but I could buy an egg salad sandwich for lunch for about 50 cents and coffee for about a dime.)  The real treat was to buy shaved Italian ices from the pushcart vendors around Washington Square.