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Posted By: Genie
08-Jan-03 - 12:28 AM
Thread Name: Song Challenge! - Part 90
Subject: RE: SONG CHALLENGE! - Part 90
No, Amos, I see your top entry as that upside down exclamation point used in Spanish (which is also the way Aine's name appears in the "Subject" line of forum threads (as of about 9-12 mo. ago).

Your second entry shows as a capital A with an acute accent.

The thing I don't understand is this:
Since both the "Insert Symbol" in MS Word and the "option + e + "A"" command on my keyboard produce the HTML code that I showed you above, why does it appear to you folks as a cedilla?

Let's see what happens when I type that same HTML code for Aine's name directly. Here goes:

er ..., Wait a minute! What appeared in my preview for the post above was the HTML code for Aine's name -- not her name itself with the acute accent! Now I see that in my last post, that HTML code got translated (preview notwithstanding) and it appears on my screen just as Aine's name does in your post when you spelled out the HTML code.

Let me try 4 things, and you tell me which, if any, of them, look right.

1. šine (typed directly using "option +)
2. Áine - typed with same procedure in Composer and copied from "Page Source"
3. Áine - HTML typed directly into the message box
4. Áine - "Aine" typed in Composer with the acute accent, using the "option +", then HTML copied from Page Source, pasted into Composer again, and copied and pasted from there.

BTW, they all four look the same in my preview.