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Posted By: Amos
07-Jan-03 - 11:42 PM
Thread Name: Song Challenge! - Part 90
Subject: RE: SONG CHALLENGE! - Part 90
Yes. To do it you type an ampersand, followed by the letter A, followed by the word "acute" or "grave", followed by a semicolon. You don't use "insert Symbol "in MS word I thik, because it puts in a high ascii code, which I think must get badly translated. I suspect the same is true of the option key command. I duno enough about the detailed levewl to say where the thing goes wonky on ya but a lot of the time what displays is a cedilla instead of a Capital A with an acute accent.

This is A +Option:
This is spelled out using HTML as described above: Á

Lessee if they come out the same....Preview shows them the same. Everyone else see them the same?