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Posted By: DMcG
07-Jan-03 - 05:53 AM
Thread Name: PEL: but not music
Subject: PEL: but not music
At the Union Chapel meeting someone from the Arts Council pointed out that any art exhibition by someone working in film would need a PEL ('exhibition of a film' requires a PEL).

Leaving aside technicalities of whether video, MPEG etc are 'film' for the purposes of the act, I've been trying to think of other things like this that might be trapped at well.

* 'Background' films next to exhibits in museums
* Public monitors in Covent Garden outside the Royal Opera House etc (how far outside do they need to be before they are not covered by the ROH's own PEL?)
* Sales videos for wonder cleansers in supermarkets

What else might be trapped?

It also seems to be the case that if a film is broadcast to a widescreen TV in a pub no licence is required, but if that selfsame film is then shown in the same pub to the same customers a PEL licence is needed for health and safety reasons. (In fact it is a bit like Schodinger's cat: if the landlord had the film poised in the video at the start of the broadcast session whether the pub needs a licence depends on which channel the set was tuned to.)