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Posted By: fiddler
07-Jan-03 - 03:36 AM
Thread Name: Using a music stand
Subject: RE: Using a music stand

I gotta add to the thread again!

As you see above I'm a defender of Music Stands!


Last night - new session - only about 11 musicians, I counted 5 music books on tables or stands (not me - I learned new tunes and played old ones by ear!!!!) The music was flat, slow and uninspired, when I played old Joe Clarke (sounds of severe vomiting off stage left by the Applacchian dancer) with a bluegrass banjo player who turned up the folk at the bar objected when I finished. that was about the level of interest for Joe (public).

So yes I stand by my previous statements - Sessions defineitely not - even for singers really - sessions are for learning and enjoyment with others not playing set piece tunes - how else would we ever get the number of A and B musics mixed up. If you want to practice and learn do it at home not in a bar with other musicians! For once I am being 'heavy'

I will go back again but may take Accorion next time too, to.....