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Posted By: breezy
06-Jan-03 - 08:43 AM
Thread Name: Using a music stand
Subject: RE: Using a music stand
Singing or performing in front of others requires strength of character.That is why we as young singers or reciters are encouraged to participate.If one starts later in life then one has to appreciate that it takes a long time to become a performer.
Maybe some folk are in too much of a hurry and unwilling to learn their lines, in that case they are are inflicting their egos on an undeserving audience,which I think is embarrassing.
Last week 2 singers turned up at a folk club ,erected an m-stand that totally blocked the view of the audience of their instumental techniques-not that they were muchanyway- and played with no feeling or emotion.
If I dont know a piece then it is not yet ready to be performed.
Try performing in front of a friend to check whether you know a song, I use an open mike session to try just that, once I start I dont ever stop,I never highlight an error if I can help it, I keep on going.
Using an m-stand an referring to the text is like using a crutch, dont see many football players with crutches on a pitch, so get the song fit to be sung then communicate it with heart and soul.
M-stands are for rehearsal,clasical bound musicians are fettered, we in folk can and should be free.
Dive off that board be brave, show some character, then let your personality shine through.
Happy new year