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Posted By: Amos
05-Jan-03 - 11:12 AM
Thread Name: Review: This Mudcat CD set
Subject: RE: Review: This Mudcat CD set
Historical Notes

It has been a long and winding trail, folks, and we got there. I think it is appropriate to mention the beginnings.

Max and Bert had been calling for CDs by Mudcatters for some time as early as 1999, with a variety of submissions being sent in.

But the first Mudcat Sampler Vision was, I think, really the fevered creation of our own Lonesome EJ -- who else? -- who started a thread in February of 1999 suggesting:

Suppose someone(Max?)put together a sampler of music by talented folks who visit this website, and offered it for sale on the site? Would anyone, other than me,be interested?

to which Spaw replied 48 minutes later:

You know, you really have a point. Dan, Art, Rick, Frank, Sandy and others...but I'll tell you what I'd really love... ... ...I'd like to hear a song from Alice, a favorite tune from Bill D., and Big Mick, and Roger, and Alison, and gargoyle, and McMusic, and Barbara, and Duane's pianolin, and Barb Shaw's bluegrass, and on and on. Something special from each 'Catter. Bill's posting pics, but a voice and a song...that's the ticket too.

I've absolutely no idea how that could ever be pulled off! ...It would just be fun to have wouldn't it??? From an Irish pub to a Mississippi delta, from a Blue Grass gathering to Brisbane, from Oz to the Appalachians...clear around the world. What a kick!!!

Art Thieme chimed in at 1AM on February 4th with:with:

I sure would be interested. I wanna know what everybody sounds like too.

Max started putting out calls for candidates on the 5th of February 1999 and various reminders and "whatever happened to...." appeared. Max resurrcted the quest in March of 2000. In March of 2002, McGrath, Jerry Rasmussen and Bobert resurrected the concept. I started promoting for candidates on 24 March 2002. The master disks were shipped to Dick Greenhaus on the fifth of November 2002. The artwork (Homeless and MichaelR) was completed on November 16th. The CDs were in the hands of Mudcatters by the first week of December 2002, almost four years after the original vision had been lofted (but only 8 months or so after the kickoff call in March).

So, Leej, buddy, and Spaw and Art, your Vision has been Materialized, Realized and Delivered. How about them apples?

I hope you are enjoying them a LOT!