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03-Jan-03 - 09:09 PM
Thread Name: Mudcat CD Rose: Liner Notes PermaThread
Subject: Mudcat CD Rose: It's Been Quite A Ride
7.  It's Been Quite A Ride   (The Spring I was Six or The Tornado Song)
words & music by Áine (Anne Cooke).
McGrath of Harlow (Kevin McGrath) - guitar and vocals

This is based on a true story that happened during the tornado that moved through Fort Worth and Arlington, Texas in March 2000.  Áine sent me a copy when she was working on it, and I made a couple of suggestions; and then when she sent me a sound file of it I made a couple more minor changes - she thought it was a bit long and cut some verses and I put them back in because I liked them, and that kind of thing.  And I made it the Daddy back from the Great War in verse one, instead of an Uncle, because I thought that balanced the story better, even if it might not have been the way it happened exactly.
Anyway, this is how I sing it on Rose. Except that ... I have the girlfriend wearing "white chiffon"... and that was a mistake as I sang it, and I meant blue.
So here a link to it on my website:

         G              C           D                     e
The spring I was Six, my Mamma took a picture
      D                C                e                   D
Of me and my Daddy, just home from the war.
    G              D                      a                   e
I took all my pennies, and I bought a Red Scrapbook.
     a                 C                  D                   G
I stuck in that picture, and I left room for more.
               C                              D                   e
And the spring I was Eight, my Daddy took a picture
     D             C            e                 D
Of me on my pony, my birthday surprise.
   G                    D                     a              e
I sat up there a-grinning, a real cowboy at last.
        a                   C          D            G
And you could just see the joy in my eyes.
     C               e                        F              C
I'd sit and I'd look through my pretty Red Scrapbook,
         a                   e                    F             D
With all of those sweet precious mem'ries inside.
         G                D       a                 e
But Time has its way of carrying you onward,
      C                           a           D     G
And I have to say, it's been quite a ride.

And the spring I was Sixteen, my Mamma took the picture
Of me and my Kathy, at the graduation dance.
My hair was all slicked back, her dress was blue chiffon.
And I knew we'd get married, if she gave me the chance.
And the spring I was Twenty, a man took that picture
Of me and my Kathy, my sweet brand-new bride.
Sure we had no money, and the times they were hard then -
But we had each other, our love and our pride.

And the year I turned Thirty my wife she took a picture
Of me in a uniform - to the war I was bound.
But safe in my pocket was a picture of my Kathy,
And the two boys she'd be raising, with me not around.
(I knew) she'd sit and she'd look through that pretty Red Scrapbook,
With all of those sweet precious memories inside.
But Time has its way of carrying you onward.
And I have to say, it's been quite a ride.

And the year I turned Sixty my son took a picture
As I laid yellow roses on the grave of my wife.
We'd shared all the joys that this old world can give us,
And now she was gone - and so was part of my life.

And the year I turned Eighty, a friend took a picture
Of me and my sons, and their children and wives.
And they threw a big party, with a cake with eighty candles,
And I thanked them for being a part of my life.
And this spring I was nearing my Ninetieth birthday,
And I looked out a window, there's one more surprise.
The sky had turned green, there was a big wind a-blowing,
And it carried my house off, in front of my eyes.
Well, I sat in the hospital, counting my stitches,
And thanking the Lord that I still was alive.
But along with my old house went mt pretty Red Scrapbook,
With all of those sweet precious mem'ries inside.

Well, there's sorrows and there's joys in this life we are given.
But just now and then, you know, things turn out right.
When a lady from TV said she wanted to see me,
I thanked here and said "I don't feel like dancing tonight" -
but then the door opened, and in come the cameras,
taking my picture for the whole world to see.
And there were two shy young fellas, a-grinning and a-laughing -
And they handed my scrapbook of pictures to me.
And I sat and I looked through that pretty Red Scrapbook,
With all of those sweet precious memories inside.
Don't Time has its way of carrying you onward -
Well, I have to say, it's been quite a ride.

And here's what I wrote about it on my website: This is a song by Aine Cooke who lives in Texas, and I know her though the Mudcat. She sent me the sound file of her singing it that included here, along with my version.  I changed a few lines, but she said that was all right. The words here are more or less the way I sing it.

It's based on something that really happened out in Texas. But when I sang it the first time in the Half Moon in Bishops Stortford someone said "Is that about that old boy in Sawbridgeworth?"  So maybe something like this happened near here too.

One thing I really like about ths one is the way the history of the Twentieth Century is dorpped neatly into the background, just references - First World War, Depression, Second World War. A sense of time passing. It's a bit like a Frank Capra movie.