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Posted By: clansfolk
02-Jan-03 - 04:38 PM
Thread Name: PEL UK - Unemployed Artist Dancer - look
Subject: PEL UK - Unemployed Artist Dancer - look
If the proposed new "Pel" goes through many singers dancers musicians etc will have to find another pastime (and excuse to go to the local pub every few days!) what about helping our local council with the new PEL restrictions??????

As you know the government has decided that Television transmissions eg Football Matches, Concerts and jukeboxes will NOT require a license (these are deamed "safe" and "quiet" when compared to rowdy folk singers and clog laden Mossis dancers) HOWEVER - anyone chanting support songs - joining in with televised/jukebox songs etc WILL be contravening the restrictions and all such instances should be reported to the councils enforcement officers - WHO MUST take action?

Maybe then they will see how stupid the new restrictions are....

just a thought?