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Posted By: Elsie
13-Jul-97 - 01:13 PM
Thread Name: What is a Folk Song?
Subject: RE: What is a Folk Song?
Barry--, Frank--, You know, for the first time, I really feel like we may actually make some difference here. There are a LOT of people who read these threads, and though there will always be some who just will NOT get the point; others will do sone serious thinking about it.

Cliff..I do not claim that I have some simple definition-but only that one can do like Barry and narrow one's focus. I do claim--and there seem to be others who agree with me--that there is stuff that is blatently, obviously, and clearly not appropriate for a discussion forum labeled 'traditional'! Since the forum is not moderated, there is no way to control people who try to wring some rock lyrics out of our eclectic readers, but we CAN do like Barry and either ignore them or politely send them I just did with another of todays postings

I am NOT going to spend all my time chasing out people that do not agree with me...but I may occasionally re-post a few of these threads when the situation begins to look threatening.

(I signed off a couple of days ago saying I was going to listen to some Ewan McColl, and someone pointed out to me that he wrote some things that were not 'folk music'... AMEN! see! It's is working already! :-)