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Posted By: Willa
31-Dec-02 - 04:09 PM
Thread Name: Mudcat CD Rose: Liner Notes PermaThread
Subject: Mudcat CD Rose: Laddie, Lie Near Me
15.  Laddie, Lie Near Me    (Robert Burns ?*)
Sung by Willa

I first heard this traditional song at a Folkworks weekend in Darlington,UK, in 2001.  Our tutor, Alyth McCormack, taught it to us.  - Willa


 Lang hae we parted (perted) been, laddie ma dearie,
 Noo we are met again, laddie lie near me.
 Near me, near me, laddie lie near me.
 Lang hast thou lain, aye lain.
 Laddie lie near me.

 All that I hae endured, laddie ma dearie,
 Here in thy arms is cured.   Laddie, lie near me.

 Say that you'll aye be true, laddie ma dearie,
 I will love nane but you.   Laddie, lie near me.

 If in love's bower we meet, laddie ma dearie,
 My joy will be complete.   Laddie, lie near me.

*Since [I recorded this], I've found more versions and some fascinating information on Mudcat. (3 versions in the DT, of which 2 is the nearest).  When I sing it now I use "Lang hast thou lane alane" for the second line of the chorus.

 The Official Burns website  gives this:

 Song: "Twas na her bonie blue e'e"    *Tune: "Laddie, lie near me." * and the words ae completely different.

 'TWAS na her bonie blue e'e was my ruin,
 Fair tho' she be, that was ne'er my undoin';
 'Twas the dear smile when nae body did mind us,
 'Twas the bewitching, sweet, stown glance o' kindness:
 'Twas the bewitching, sweet, stown glance o' kindness.

 Sair do I fear that to hope is denied me,
 Sair do I fear that despair maun abide me,
 But tho' fell fortune should fate us to sever,
 Queen shall she be in my bosom for ever:
 Queen shall she be in my bosom for ever.

 Chloris, I'm thine wi' a passion sincerest,
 And thou hast plighted me love o' the dearest!
 And thou'rt the angel that never can alter,
 Sooner the sun in his motion would falter:
 Sooner the sun in his motion would falter.