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Posted By: Genie
30-Dec-02 - 04:17 PM
Thread Name: Review: This Mudcat CD set
Subject: RE: Review: This Mudcat CD set
Your song's great on the CD, Ian. I hope you get paid soon so you can hear it.

Folks, Amos just explained something to me that I'd forgotten I sort of knew. I was wondering why some cuts on the CDs aren't as sharp and clear as the tapes they were made from. (I had this silly notion that converting to CD automatically preserved, and could even improve, the sound quality of the original.)

The problem, of course (duh!) is the TAPE NOISE. It's very difficult to get rid of it in transfer without also losing some of the desired "highs."

I always knew the fuzziness on my song on the CD wasn't Amos's fault, because he worked tirelessly on those CDs (even burned a couple of CDs for me from two of my tapes), and he knows a thing or two about computers (even has a sort of mini studio set up in his study). I was just puzzled (and, yes, disappointed) about the CD not sounding as good as the tape.

Now I know why Amos had no butt when I saw him in November -- he really must've worked the danged thing off trying to get rid of hiss and snap in many Mudcatters' tapes (even tapes that sound pretty good) without losing fidelity in the music.

Now I'm REALLY impressed with what you accomplished, bro!