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Posted By: IanC
23-Dec-02 - 10:01 AM
Thread Name: Sign a E Petition to 10 Downing St PELs
Subject: RE: Sign a E Petition to 10 Downing St PELs
DMcG asked me to post my e-mail(s) to "The Ringing World" ... what they published was a conglomerate of to so I'll post the whole conversation ...

I think that ringers should know that the new licensing bill going through parliament will almost certainly, as presently worded, catch bellringers and mean that, without a license (cosing annually 500 to 5000 per annum) no bell ringing is likely to be allowed.

This bill is supposed to be aimed at making 24 hour licensing of pubs possible, but the entertainment clause as it is currently written will affect morris dancers, carol singers, church concerts and bell ringers.

Ringers may wish to join in the protest by signing the petition

Best regards
Ian Chandler
St Mary's, Ashwell, Herts.


Thanks for this. I presume that you mean that this will stop ringers
serving beer at ringing functions - dinners, fundraising events and the
like? Or have I got the wrong end of ye stick?



No, this is far more serious.

It means that a license is required for ANY LIVE MUSICAL PERFORMANCE at ANY VENUE ... the bill does not limit itself to pubs and clubs in this respect. The definition of a venue given in the bill is ANYWHERE. Bell ringing is, to my understanding a live musical performance.

What I mean is simply that a license will be required for BELLRINGING, unless the bill is re-worded.

Here's a link to the recent House of Lords debate (it's quite long and goes on far beyond the end of the page ...)

Here's the text of the bill. You should note that local authorities are known at present for their VERY LITERAL interpretation of the concept of entertainment.

Best regards

Hope that's useful.

BTW we're at nearly 12,000 by now. No sign of a slowdon so that there's every chance it'll go over 15,000 unless Christmas intervenes or something...