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Posted By: IanC
22-Dec-02 - 03:01 PM
Thread Name: Sign a E Petition to 10 Downing St PELs
Subject: RE: Sign a E Petition to 10 Downing St PELs

It's at 10753 now so very little chance of it not passing 11660, I think. If it seriously looks like slowing down tomorrow, I'll attempt some more serious predicting.

BTW my e-mail to "The Ringing World" got published in the star spot on Friday (much to my surprise as I didn't write it for publication as such). Bellringers are seriously into the web, so I think they are probably already contributing to the petition by now and should help out quite a bit next week (there are a few 1000s).

If anyone else is a member of a similar group (e.g. church choir, Sal. Army band etc) then you know about the particular infrastructure ... a letter to "The Salvationist", for example, would probably work wonders.

The Church authorities have been a bit disappointing so far ... they seem to have used their influence to persuade Kim Howells to grant them some kind of exemption (as yet unstated). Is there anyone who could work on their sense of solidarity with other groups?