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Posted By: Wolfgang
11-Jul-97 - 05:36 AM
Thread Name: What is a Folk Song?
Subject: RE: What is a Folk Song?
Like, I guess, most of us, I am very contented with the actual practice of selection in the DT. I have no idea whether they follow any definition except personal taste. However they do it, it suits my personal preferences.

Just one example to show you the problem of definitions: What type of songs are these:
- they have no known author
- the lyrics have many local variants
- they are transmitted orally from generation to generation and each generation adds its own variant of the lyrics
- they are sung and enjoyed by many people, often in groups
- the same tune often goes with very different lyrics.

What did you think it was? Football songs (soccer for the Americans), of course. (Far from being my personal favourite type of songs)

Yours Wolfgang