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Posted By: Roger in Baltimore
07-Jun-99 - 10:29 AM
Thread Name: Lyr Add: When We Go Rolling Home (Tams)
Subject: RE: LYR REQ: As we go rolling home
Gee, by the thread title I thought you were looking for an old Boy Scout song:

I've got six pence, jolly, jolly six pence. I've got six pence to last me all my life. I've got two pence to lend and two pence to spend, And two pence to take home to my wife (poor wife).

No cares have I to grieve me, No pretty little girls to deceive me. I'm as happy as a lark believe me. As we go rolling, rolling home. Rolling home (rolling home), Rolling home (rolling home), As we go rolling, rolling home. Happy as the day when a poor man gets his pay, As we go rolling, rolling home.

It goes on with four pence, then two pence, and then no pence.

Thanks for the memory!

Roger in Baltimore