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Posted By: The_one_and_only_Dai
07-Jun-99 - 09:39 AM
Thread Name: Lyr Add: When We Go Rolling Home (Tams)
Subject: Lyr Add: ROLLING HOME (John Tams)^^
This was written by John Tams.

Round goes the wheel of fortune, don't be afraid to ride,
There's a land of milk and honey waits on the other side.
There'll be peace and there'll be plenty, you'll never need to roam,
When we go rolling home, when we go rolling home.

ch: Rolling home, when we go rolling home, when we go rolling, rolling, when we go rolling home.

The gentry in their finery do prosper night and morn,
While we unto the fields must go, to plough and sow the corn.

Several verses omitted due to encroaching senility...

The summer of resentment, the winter of despair,

Same again, I'll fill in these blanks when I get my songsheet tomorrow...

So pass the bottle round, and let the toast go free,
here's a health to every labourer, wherever he may be.
Fair wages now and ever, we'll reap what we have sown,
When we go rolling home, when we go rolling home.


More soon. Can girls sing this song, do you think?