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Posted By: sian, west wales
05-Dec-02 - 05:59 AM
Thread Name: BS: What have the Welsh ever done for us ?
Subject: RE: BS: What have the Welsh ever done for us ?
I see we mentioned Shirley Bassey, but not Iris Williams.

We also provided the scenery for a number of films, including Inn of the Sixth Happiness.

Didn't we provide the practice reservoirs for the Dambusters mission?

Re: Dafydd Iwan, I can't think which American singer he might parallel. He started out doing Welsh versions of Guthry, and a lot of the Burl Ives repetoir. I don't like comparing anyone with Seeger, but DI's songs have developed along the sames lines: some highly political, some on global issues, some just 'comfortable', some trad. etc. And, yes, his songs are very much sung by the Welsh-speaking 'folk' of Wales.