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Posted By: Mrrzy
21-Nov-02 - 11:01 AM
Thread Name: Body-Snatching Songs
Subject: RE: Body-Snatching Songs
That above Tom Lehrer line is "I take a healthy bite of your dainty fingertips"...

In many love songs where one lover dies and the other does the year-and-a-day thing on the grave till the dead lover rises, the live lover always wants a last kiss and the dead lover always says something like If you take one kiss from my cold clay lips your time will not be long, meaning a kiss from the corpse or ghost would be deadly. But then in The Suffolk Miracle, the risen corpse is with his lady-love who doesn't know he's dead, and at one point "she kissed his lips and then did say, My dear you're colder than the clay" - and the song ends when the grave is opened to prove to her that he really has been dead for a year. But I always figured that after the end of the song, she would have to die, no? So would that count?