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Posted By: GUEST,Richard Bridge (cookie and format C)
16-Nov-02 - 07:30 AM
Thread Name: PELs UK Music needs your HELP
Subject: RE: PELs UK Music needs your HELP
yes, there is a lawyer in the house.

Public or section of the public means that it's not members only (or parents of kids at the xx school only, etc)

But if it's not "public or section" then you still get caught if it's members only but the club is a "qualifying club" (I've not checked that defintion).

And if you escape both of those if it's "for consideration" OR (watch that OR) with a view to profit.

"For COnsideration" is defined. If the pub charges or the session organiser charges anything to anyone and some or all of the people to be entertained (could be both audience and players) pay.

It doe not say that the payment has to be for the entertainmment!

So - door entry fee - caught.
Raise the price of beer - caught.
Pass the hat - very probably caught.

If you escape that (and it'll be difficult for folk, but for an electric band it might work - cheap duo, paid by pub, no increase in the price of beer, but the hope of selling more of it) then it seems to me that would be "with a view to profit". Anyway since the pub is not members only, it's for the public or a section.