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Posted By: Hester
14-Nov-02 - 11:27 PM
Thread Name: Lyr Req: Sheath and Knife
Subject: RE: Sheath and Knife
>>>MacColl regularly made up his own lyrics in "Scots"; he made up his Scottish accent, if it comes to that.<<<


I admit I had not heard of Ewan MacColl before reading this forum. However, nothing previously said in this thread suggested to me that he was a known charlatan. In fact, the reverse seemed true as many of the contributors seemed to look on him as a valid and valuable source for the study of folk songs.

>>>we have already been told that MacColl's text was a collation made from an example in the Dalhousie MS and other, unspecified, sources.<<<

Yes, I'm aware of that. I thought the existence of these sources was the point you were disputing, Malcolm.

>>>Have neither of you read what has been said so far?<<<

Have you never been taught how to interact civilly with others in a discussion, Malcolm? I find the tone in several of your posts on this board, to me, and to others such as Q, to be offensive. If you cannot be civil, then do not address me in future. I'm interested in learning more about folk music from the many knowledgable people here, but I have no wish to debate with a pedantic, self-aggrandizing cyber-bully.