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Posted By: Hester
12-Nov-02 - 06:24 PM
Thread Name: Lyr Req: Sheath and Knife
Subject: RE: Sheath and Knife
>>>As it stands MacColl's transcription sounds as if it's to do with pinning the events to a particular time of day, the time when the sun rose clear above the trees of the wood, mid-morning perhaps, but that doesn't seem too relevant.<<<

Hi, McGrath:

Actually, that's quite helpful.

Okay, lets reject the "tower" transcription as a mishearing, and accept the line as:

"The sun gaes tae oot owre the wood"

But, is this not more likely a reference to the sun setting (going out over [i.e. 'behind'] the trees) rather than the sun rising (which would more likely be phrased as 'coming up over the trees') And of course, the diurnal cycle of the sun is metaphorically linked to its yearly cycle, with sunset being analogous to fall (and the death of the vegetative world).

Cheers, Hester