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Posted By: Bassic
12-Nov-02 - 07:45 AM
Thread Name: BS: British Rule.The vote
Subject: RE: BS: British Rule.The vote
I am trying to think of this with some kind of sence though I know very little about the Gibralter situation. Financially, I think it must be a fairly close call between independence (Andora) and remaining British. Certainly the former mainstay of the economy, the Naval base, is much less significant than it used to be and small "Tax Haven" economies seem to do well. Becoming part of Spain and freeing up border controls would inevitably improve the tourist situation and generate alot of income, I cannot therefore see a strong economic argument for such a pro British vote. So what is left? It must be either a cultural thing or a strong preference for the way life is run politically/legaly under the present arrangements. I can understand the cultural ties, it must be hard to see your cultural heritage put under threat, especially if you have identified with it strongly for generations, but also, this feeling of "difference" from Spain must have been reinforced hugely between the 1920`s and 1970`s when Spain was rulled by a Facist dictatorship under Franco. Isnt it therefore a job for Spain to win the hearts and minds of the Gibraltarians? I expect I am oversimplifying things hugely here and people could nit pick lots of holes in my arguments but I am no expert. I am just trying to understand the strength of feeling that was behind the vote. Any thoughts?