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08-Nov-02 - 03:29 PM
Thread Name: BS: British Rule.The vote
Subject: RE: BS: British Rule.The vote
Fuck this and remember the old saying "let he who is without sin cast the first stone"
How would the spanish people react if King Juan Carlos decided to honour the governor of Gibraltar, giving him a title or a medal?
How would the British have reacted if in the early eighties the Queen had decided bestow on the Argentinian occupiers of the Falklands a medal?
Then why has the Portuguese Republic, personified by the President himself, decided that it is a good idea to bestow the highest honour available to a foreigner, on the head of the Spanish political authority that illegaly occupies the Portuguese territory of Olivença?
This point does not revolve around our own personal opinions of this 200 year old dispute, the point is a simple one. Olivença is a touchy subject, officially neither state recognizes the other's claims over the land. Meanwhile Spain in disregard of Inernational law continues to occupy Olivença and ridicule portuguese claims, whilst in the same breath noisily complaining about Britains perfectly legal presence in Gibraltar, a territory many times smaller than Olivença.
The portuguese position is that Olivença is an integral part of Portugal, even if not much is done about it. The constitution, which the president is sworn to defend, states that Portugal is undividable and whole (our translation of the original "Uno e indivisível")
And so instead of defending our claim over Olivença, or safely pretending the problem does not exist, the President decides to honour the occupier... Could someone please explain this to us????

For more information about this and the historical background to the problem, please visit the following website