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Posted By: Banjer
27-May-99 - 06:32 AM
Thread Name: Danger: Irony & Humour - Ignore this thread!
Subject: RE: Danger: Irony & Humour - Ignore this thread!
The chalk mark awakens another story!!!

It seems these two fellows, not among the higher IQ set, had rented a boat to go fishing. Their day was a huge success, catching the limit on everything. As they were rowing back to shore one said to the other, "We should have marked that spot so we can find it again next time."
His partner replied, "I'm way ahead of you, I put a mark on the side of the boat!"
Came the retort, "Well that was stupid, what if we don't get the same boat next time?"

Or this one:

Two boys had inherited a very small farm on the passing of their father and they decided that they would split everything evenly. There were two horses, and it was decided that in order to identify ownership some sort of distiguishing mark should be used. The one lad said, "Let's crop the tail of one so that we can tell them apart!"
Good Idea!" Said the other.
The chore having been accomplished, the two were walking back toward the house when one turned and looked back. He said to his brother, "You know, we didn't have to crop the tail on that horse, the white one stands a whole head taller than the black one!"