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Posted By: GUEST,Richie
06-Nov-02 - 09:34 PM
Thread Name: Kemo Kimo info
Subject: RE: Kemo Kimo info
If you think you're good at singing lyrics try singing these seven refrains to "Kemo Kimo" in a row!

Teemy tim-o in the land of neo Pharoah said a rat trap peeny winkle timey doodle rattle buggy rat trap peenie winkle tie me oh

Kemo kimo, dare awa Ma high, ma ho Rump sump sack a nickels Poop-dag, nip-cat Polly won't you kimeo.

Karo, Karo, give to Flayro, Flaro Flaro, Flaaaa-rooooo, Aaaaaany wink-ee flemm-ee doodle yellow bug to my rat-trap a bottom-itchy Kai-m-bo.

Hello naro he's my caro, Hello caro narrow, Ring ting bottom ditty boat around Ring ting bottom and a kymo.

Kero kiro gilt and garo Kero kiro karo Rap jack pennywhinkle flammydoodle yellow buckle Rain down bonny mish ki-me-oh.

Tim a rang tang bottom tim a kimo come a nedro, Keep my caro rum a tum bum stumpy tum dido bodey, Round tim a rang tang bottom a my kimo.

Karo kiro daro boys M'haim M'home M'hime Boomasicle lopasicle along came knick knack sing song kitty wont you kie me oh.

Is this an early form of rap music?