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Posted By: GUEST,John B
06-Nov-02 - 08:55 AM
Thread Name: kim howells does it again (PEL)
Subject: RE: kim howells does it again
It is obvious that he is 'Sparing with the truth'. Somebody tell me when there isn't going to be 'money changing hands' in a pub. Where is this mythical pub with free beer for all? He says one thing on the Mike Harding show to shut us all up - but couches it in Politic speak. As for the ludicrous statement that 'Television' doesn't cause the sort of scenes that occur with live music - he obviously hasn't even been in one when a football match is being screened.

I have a question here, using the ministers own words as follows:-
"Similarly, it can be argued that any performance by unpaid performers, which was publicised with the expectation of bringing in extra customers and consequently extra revenue to the licensee would meet the definition of public performance"

When the football games are advertised (i.e publicised), if any of the watching throng stike up with the strain of 'Here we go, here we go, here we go' will that constitute on offence?

I do agree that the 2 in a bar exemption is crazy, and always has been, but why use a sledgehammer to crack a nut. Acoustic music simply cannot be accused of being a public niusance - whilst in the Ministers own words amplified music most certainly can be. Finally I am given to believe I live in the United Kingdom and would ask why I will not be allowed the same liberty and freedom to play and enjoy acoustic music as my fellow citizens of the United Kingdom in Scotland?