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Posted By: Steve Latimer
25-May-99 - 01:23 PM
Thread Name: Danger: Irony & Humour - Ignore this thread!
Subject: RE: Danger: Irony & Humour - Ignore this thread!
Banjer, loved your supermarket joke. It reminded me of an old one that I repeat for the benefit of the few of you who haven't heard it.

A man was the human Cannonball for the circus for twenty five years. One day he goes to the circus owner and says "You have to find another job for me, I'm getting too old to be the human cannonball, my ears hurt from the bang, my bones ache from the landing, my bruises last longer. I'm willing to do anyhting else, juggle, sweep up, sell tickets anything."

The circus owner looks him straight in the eye and says "but where will find someone of your calibre?"

Sorry folks, but I love a really bad joke.